Welcome Back!

Well, we’re starting up again!  Some of you may remember us from the venerable Haloblog, a now defunct and always verbose Angel blog. 

Haloblog had some very loyal readers at the time of our hiatus and we’ve felt since shutting the virtual doors that we owed them a return.  So here we are.

This time, we’ll be changing things up a bit.  Sure, we’ll go off on lengthy tangents sometimes, it’s unavoidable, but we’re here to provide a bit more of a conventional blog this time around. 

That means links, observations, and far less time spent writing.  For those of you that enjoyed those endless posts of the old days, we’re sorry that we no longer have that type of time to commit to this venture but hope that you’ll still find something to like.

To the right, you’ll find a long list of links, a list that will hopefully make things more convenient for you as you try to satiate your strange hunger for Angel information.  The link list will be growing and we hope that you’ll eventually be able to use our site as a one-stop launching point for all things Angel.

Please let us know of any dysfunctional links you may find and we’ll do our best to repair them. 

Thanks, and we’ll see you tomorrow!


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