Where Will Garret Land?

Buster Olney writes this morning about some veteran free agents he calls “worth a second look.” Among them is Garret Anderson.

Anderson’s agent, Scott Boras, has confirmed the Oakland Athletics’ interest in Garret.

Athletics fans seem less than interested in the prospect of signing Garret, whom they believe to be anti-thetical to the A’s “philosophy.”

Of course, three points would suggest that the A’s fans should actually be welcoming the idea. First, of course, if 2008 is any indication of their “philosophy,” they may want to re-evaluate it. Second, Anderson absolutely rakes in Oakland, compiling a career .323/.368/.470 line in their stadium. And, third, signing Garret would preclude him from continuing to kill them as an opposing player, which he has done, both from statistical and anecdotal perspectives, for the last 14 years.

The idea of Garret playing against the Angels is still unsettling, though his time to move on has obviously arrived.


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