A’s And Rays

It’s a slow baseball news day (and what would you expect on December 30?) but Yahoo is stirring up the Garret Anderson rumors again, reporting that both the A’s and Rays are interested in Garret.

While both teams have been reported to be interested in “G.A.,” the Yahoo article is notable because it provides, by way of quotes directly from Anderson, evidence that perceived impediments might be erroneous.

First, Garret states that he’s “very comfortable in right, as well in left,” perhaps squashing rumors that he’s not a fit in Oakland because Matt Holliday has been penciled in in left field. Second, the article states that Anderson is comfortable relocating to the east coast, squelching the notion that he’s looking to stay close to his Orange County home.

It seems that Garret is intent on reaching that 3,000 hit mark and knows that, in his case, agreeability is as important as anything in reaching it. Stay tuned.

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