Hall of Fame Ballot

With others far more deserving, and legitimate, on the upcoming HOF ballot, it seems dubious to make an article out of Mo Vaughn’s first appearance.

Vaughn, of course, produced some impressive offensive seasons for the Angels but was better known for being a bust, especially after he ripped into Troy Percival and the Angels’ organization only months before the Angels exacted the ultimate revenge. When you get traded for the sad sack that was Kevin Appier, it’d be best that you keep your man-craw shut about the whole thing and simply move on. Mo ended up being “envious” of both Percival and the Angels, admitting as much shortly before he became too fat to continue playing baseball chose to retire.

Amazing that Mo Vaugh has already been out of the game the requisite five years. Just a hunch, but maybe it had something to do with his awful conditioning! Mo will get a token vote or two, but, thank God, will never be elected, not by the writers and certainly not by the veteran’s committee.

Other former Angels appearing on this year’s ballot include Rickey Henderson, a certain first-ballot selection, Bert Blyleven, a controversial omission from the Hall, Tommy John, probably more deserving of admission to the orthopedic Hall of Fame, Lee Smith, perhaps best known in Anaheim as Troy Percival’s mentor, and Dave Parker, best known for costing the organization Dante Bichette (and for continually grounding out to second base).

Henderson, of course, is a lock. Blyleven probably deserves entry but will again be denied, and the others probably don’t stand a chance until they are off the writer’s ballot and can, possibly, be elected by nostalgic veterans.


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