Are We Stupid?

We’ve already received e-mail asking us if we’re “stupid.”

People seem eager to remind us, early in this blog’s existence, that the saying was, “Tanana and Ryan and two days of cryin’.” So why the hell is the blog called “Three Days of Cryin’?”

Well, in 1973, Tanana’s first year with the club, the Angels worked with a four man rotation, and Frank Tanana wasn’t really part of it, starting only 4 games to supplement a four-man rotation comprised of Nolan Ryan, Bill Singer, Clyde Wright, and Rudy May.

In 1974, the Angels effectively went to a modified five-man rotation, with seven different pitchers reaching double-digit start totals and Rudy May moving to the bullpen. In 1975, under Dick Wiliams, the Angels assumed what could only be referred to as the modern five-man rotation. In 1976, more of the same, with relievers Sid Monge and Paul Hartzell combining to start 28 games, effectively filling the role of a fifth starter.

1977 marked the year that the Angels assumed the five-man configuration permanently, never again so much as pretending to be a four-man staff.

Thus, in nearly every season that Ryan and Tanana pitched together, they were part of a five-man rotation, either modified or conventional. There was more cryin’ in those days than some people seemed to realize but, to that point, pitching rotations were comprised of four starters, not five, and an inapt saying took root.

Angel fans of that era (like us), though, spent more than two days putting tissues to eyes.


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