Bobby Abreu

Jon Heyman, over at SI.COM, just filed this article, which we linked to in an earlier post, claiming the Angels as a possible destination for Bobby Abreu.

As welcome as Abreu would be to the Angel lineup, the Halo outfield seems a crowded place these days; we’re not exactly sure how, or if, he’d fit. He’s not much for defense, he’s a bit of a base-clogger putting on weight/slowing down, and he’d only add to the average age of Angel outfielders.

With the team paying big money to Gary Matthews, Jr., it would seem that Angel fans are stuck with “GMJ” for another three seasons (yes, that was a five-year deal). Of course, if Tony Reagins were to reach out and sign Abreu, we’d bet that GMJ would be in Reagins’ office by the top of the next hour to waive his no-trade clause (and possibly re-negotiate his contract, since no GM in the game is going to be willing to take on that albatross). If not, there’s always this option!

Reality, however, likely suggests that the Abreu rumor is ill-conceived.

Heyman also mentions Garret Anderson near the end of his article, writing about Garret, “He can still hit. Even in a down year, he had some very big days.”

We’re predicting that the rumors involving Tampa Bay are accurate. The quickest fix for G.A.’s declining slugging percentage would seem to be the Trop’s artificial turf (and, of course, some very well padded shoes), where he’d almost certainly go for 35+ doubles and 20 home runs (we’re assuming, of course, that a larger sample size would bolster his rather weak artificial turf splits).



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4 responses to “Bobby Abreu

  1. Seitz

    I’m not pushing for Abreu, but what do you mean by base-clogger? He’s averaged close to 30 stolen bases per year in his full season, and about 25 per over his last three seasons. Looks like he can still move pretty well.

    • 3daysofcryin

      22 SB in 2008, but 11 CS (which, come to think of it, means he might just be a fit with the Halos afterall!).

      He’s slowed significantly from his 30/30 days, though he can still steal a base.

  2. Seitz

    I doubt I’d even call someone who attempts 33 steals a base clogger. Hell, was 19/10 as a 24 year old.

  3. 3daysofcryin

    Duly noted. Thanks.

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