Manny Ramirez “Rumors”

We linked last night to an MLB article that was the first to break the news of the Dodgers restructuring Andruw Jones’ contract in anticipation of the two sides “parting ways.”

Also in the same article, mentioned rather casually in our opinion, is this: “The Angels, although they declared themselves out of the Ramirez chase, are rumored to be reconsidering.” No mention, of course, of the source of such rumors, but we have our suspicions. [Update – This is the likely “source,” hardly convincing].

That’s the thing, apparently, about negotiating with Scott Boras. Either he’s bluffing the Dodgers that the Angels are back on Ramirez’s trail, or the Angels, tired of Boras’ style, have been bluffing all along that they are “not interested” in Manny Ramirez (we suspect the former).

As a fan, you have to simply sit back and wait, without getting hopes too high or too low. Soon enough (it is, afterall, January 3), we’ll have all the answers, as these “rumors” are either substantiated or squashed.



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2 responses to “Manny Ramirez “Rumors”

  1. The Dodgers seem to have figured out that Manny is a lame team mate. He can fall out of bed on a January morning & hit a line drive because he’s a great hitter. But he’s the definition of a prima donna.

    His Red Sox team mates ran him out of Boston.

    Wouldn’t be a kick if he had to go scuffling for less than $20 mill a year.

  2. 3daysofcryin

    Hard to give the Sox the benefit of the doubt in regard to “bad teammates” when they’ve made a habit of publicly trashing most of their great players as soon as it became obvious they would be leaving. Clemens, Garciaparra, Vaughn, Manny, et al, were shown the door with no degree of grace.

    The Red Sox have a terrible habit of using the media to disparage their players before they send them off.

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