Former Players

Remember when mainstream media differentiated itself on the merits of the ever-elusive “access?” No more it seems; wait, Earl, where did you play? Since “internet message boards” (as the Register refers to competing blogs) now have more access than guys like Earl Bloom, Bloom is scrambling for a way to distinguish himself (and can’t seem to do it through effective use of keyboard).

So, unless you’ve played to Earl’s high level, apparently, don’t even bother forming an opinion.

We played to an “advanced level,” and we know plenty of others who did too. Still, we see various levels of disagreement regarding “The Suicide Squeeze Play.”

Now, all bow to Earl (or his protective cup) and hail his advanced baseball knowledge, because it far exceeds your own.



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2 responses to “Former Players

  1. My favorite was the part where he talked about how Aybar only had one sac fly in 375 PAs. Because that’s a relevant statistic somehow. Actually, it tells me that he looked up Aybar’s season line, found two numbers, and threw them in there to make it look like he did actual research. Which is really kind of insulting.

    • 3daysofcryin

      The OC Register needs more Sam Miller and (much) less Bloom and Whicker.

      Incidentally, and for what it’s worth, we both played to an “advanced level” and disagree (with each other) about the play.

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