Young And Restless

With the Texas Rangers “intrigued” by the idea of signing Manny Ramirez, depleted by the loss of Milton Bradley, and open to trading away Michael Young, we’re wondering what it might take for the Angels to re-open their inquiry

The Halos need another bat and have the organizational depth necessary to put a deal together. 

Young was born and raised in Southern California, going on to establish himself as the best baseball player ever produced by UC Santa Barbara.   It would seem a fit, the biggest impediment likely being that the Rangers would balk at trading a force like Young to a team in the AL West.   

Now, back to your regularly scheduled reality.


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8 responses to “Young And Restless

  1. 96 ops+ last year. Third year in a row with a decline, and he’s a below average defender. They can keep him. Now if they want to trade Kinsler….

  2. 3daysofcryin

    Yeah, his second half last year should be a red flag.

  3. Rob

    Young a force? You might want to double-check that baseball-reference page that’s linked to his name. He’s more of a farce than a force.

  4. 3daysofcryin

    Good offensive shortstops are rare, meaning that their value is higher than that of players at other positions.

    Young is the second best offensive shortstop in the AL, and plays capable defense, certainly making him a force at that position.

    How many SS in the Major Leagues are as good or better than Young? Jeter, Hanley Ramirez, and, maybe from a career perspective, Miguel Tejada (*).

    Yunel Escobar and Jhonny Peralta are certainly up and coming but they are also still early in their careers (and Peralta has struggled with consistency thus far). Mike Aviles is intriguing, but one good season, at the age of 27, for the Royals, does not a career make.

    Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins get a lot of ink, and steal a lot of bases (which does add value), but are not significantly better defensively (at least from a statistical perspective) and have lower career offensive output.

    Whether you call Young the third or fourth best SS in the Major Leagues (we choose third) is immaterial, really; calling him a “farce” is simply not accurate and suggests that you may want to re-examine the notion of offensive output from skill positions.

    Given the serious adjustments this offseason in salary, you can easily call Young overpaid, but there can be no denying that he is in the upper echelon of Major League shortstops.

    Young battled an injury last season and suffered a terrible second half. His first half, however, was very solid. As noted above, that injury-plagued second half is a bit of a red flag.

    If you’d like to say that Young isn’t a force when compared to the entirety of Major League players, then we would concur. However, relative to Major League shortstops (and certainly to anyone the Angels have fielded at the position since Jim Fregosi), Young is most definitely a force.

    Concerns about park factor(s) may be valid, as well, and anyone paying attention would readily admit that he could decline outside of Arlington, but some of that is mitigated by the fact that he would (in this theoretical case) no longer face the Angels’ pitching staff, against which he has struggled (and played many games).

    “Farce,” though? We say that’s greatly exaggerated (and wholly unfounded).

    We’d love to read more, though, if you’d care to contribute it.

    And, of course, thanks for visiting the site and contributing. We appreciate it.

  5. Rob

    Sorry, I thought you were calling him an offensive force as in one that would supply the offensive boost we need. I agree with your assessment of him as compared to other shortstops.

    Though, I’d stick with Aybar for his defense and cheapness.

  6. 3daysofcryin

    Aybar is an incredible defender, incredible. We’d like to see him shore up his ability to handle the more routine plays, but he may just be the best defensive shortstop going right now. He just needs to hit (which he did, this winter, in the DWL).

    Thanks again for reading and contributing.

  7. Slasher52

    If we could guarantee 2005 type stats out of him, make a deal. But…I don’t expect to see those numbers out of him again.

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