X Factor

Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe is helping to spread a rumor that the Angels have interest in the Yankees’ OF/1B/ DH Xavier Nady  (h/t – MLBTraderumors).

We’re suspecting that the Angels don’t, actually, have much interest in a slow-footed, low OBP, right-handed bat to add to their crowded outfield. 

Nady could be a hedge of sorts, we suppose, to replace Kendry Morales at 1B if needed.  However, seeing as though the Yankees would be looking to pick up “an end-of-the-rotation starter,” something that the Angels need themselves, Cafardo’s claim is more likely the result of dubious posturing by Nady’s agent.

It’s a wonder that journalists even take the man’s phone calls anymore.  “Hi, Mr. Cafardo, this is Pinocchio, listen….”



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4 responses to “X Factor

  1. Drew

    They could still use a bat, but why give up anything in trade when there are still so many bargains to be had in the free-agent pool (and non Type A or B bargains at that).

  2. Slasher52

    Nady isn’t bad, but y’all are right, why would we need him? It isn’t like we need another right handed hitter anyhow.

  3. got this link through halo heaven. Love the end of this post. Im hooked now!

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