Road Wearier

Let’s take a look at two hypothetical shortstops.


The first posts offensive numbers of .322/.369/.480. Impressive, no? The guy plays consistent, reliable defense but has somewhat limited range, especially up the middle. He’s tough, he’s respected around the game, and he’s a perennial All-Star.


The second is significantly less impressive offensively, posting a line of .279/.323/.404, certainly not the truly awful offensive output that many shortstops have posted over the years, but no real peer of our first shortstop.  Despite this, however, he too is a perennial All-Star.


These two shortstops, we’ll say, play identical defense. They even collect the same salary and look the same, save slightly different uniforms.


So, which player would you rather have? Of course you’d rather have the first. Why would you want to pay the same money for the second guy when the first guy is so much better? And where are we going with all of this?


Well, the first guy is Michael Young in Arlington, Texas. The second guy is Michael Young everywhere else. If your team were to trade for Michael Young, then, which shortstop should you expect?




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6 responses to “Road Wearier

  1. Xavier Cugat

    Boras after Christmas sale:

    Manny 3 years @ $51,000,000.

    Offer good while supply lasts.

  2. Sam Miller

    You’d probably be lucky to get either one, given his age and direction. (Though teams do get lucky.)

  3. 3daysofcryin

    Hi Sam. Thanks for coming by. Keep up the good work over there at the Register. Your arrival on the scene was long overdue.

  4. Sam Miller

    Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words. And the fact that many mornings I wake up, read your site and get instantly jealous that I didn’t write what you did.

  5. Matt

    Just a note: great blog! it’s nice to see some writing that features modern metrics and their relationship to players and, more specifically, Angels players.

    Sam: Thank you too. It’s about time…

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