Gigantes y Toros

The Dominican Winter League round robin tournament is coming down to the wire. 

As we mentioned yesterday, Erick Aybar (“El Menor”) and his Licey team have already clinched a spot in the DWL final series by securing the tournament’s best record.  They now await the result of tonight’s game, pitting Azucareros against Aguilas, to see which team will challenge them in the finals.

Kendry Morales and his team, Gigantes del Cibao, took care of business Saturday night, trouncing Aguilas, 12-1, to move into second place (recap here).  Kendry went 2-4, with 2 runs scored, 2 RBI, a walk, a double, and his sixth homerun of the tournament.   Kendry has been an offensive juggernaut throughout the Dominican regular season and playoffs. 

In tonight’s game, however, Azucareros (Los Toros) will get their chance to beat up on Aguilas (the tournament’s doormat this year), hoping in the process to move into a second place tie with Gigantes.

Should Azucareros prevail against Aguilas (2-14), Licey’s final series opponent will be determined by way of a tie-breaker.  The “general run average” over the course of the tournament will decide which team moves on (Gigantes and Azucareros split their head-to-head tournament matchups with three wins each). 

In the tie-breaker, the league will factor runs scored and runs permitted for each team, the better of the two advancing to the finals (though this article suggests that a playoff will be necessary – discerning specifics has proven difficult).  

It appears that things are looking good for Kendry Morales and Gigantes, as they are the favorite at this point to square off against Licey in the finals.  

Assuming that Gigantes do indeed advance, here is a look at the current and former Angels (and Angel prospects) that appear on the roster for each team:

For Licey – Ramon Ortiz, P, Ervin Santana, P, Erick Aybar, SS, and Adam Pavkovich, 2B (Salt Lake Bees),  

For Gigantes del Cibao – Rafael Rodgriguez, P (Arkansas Travelers), Kendry Morales, 1B, and Sean Rodriguez, 2B (“SROD” showed impressive power during the Dominican Winter League regular season, clubbing 6 home runs).

With Aybar and Morales (possibly) leading the way, the DWL final series is sure to be an Angel-centric event.  Stay tuned.


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