Two G’s

In a somewhat disturbing trend, Angel bullpen castoffs continue to throw well for other teams.


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4 responses to “Two G’s

  1. Define “well”. A 125 ERA+ for the last two years is nothing special. The way I see it, the Cubs probably laid out a few million bucks or more for a guy who would have been no better than the fourth or fifth reliever on the Angels the last two seasons, and that’s with his numbers those years. Last year Frankie, Shields, Arredondo, and Oliver all had much better seasons.

    For what it’s worth, I think that’s overblown. Jenks has been good, and Turnbow was good for one year. Everyone else has either sucked, been slightly above average, or subject to normal (wide) reliever variation. Of everyone they’ve let go, the only guy I would like to have had back is Jenks.

    • 3daysofcryin

      ….better than they pitched for the Angels. We’re not necessarily lamenting the departure of Kevin Gregg, simply noting that he, Jenks, and Turnbow became something for other teams that they could not seem to become for the Angels.

  2. It’s funny, when you look at it, he hasn’t really been that much better in Florida than he was in Anaheim. He had the bad second full year, but other than that, he had two above average seasons. I’m curious to see what the Cubs paid. He strikes as a Petkovsek type, likely to put up great numbers for one or two years, then turn back into a pumpkin pretty quick. Especially in that park.

    • 3daysofcryin

      Well, he’s a rarity in that he throws the ball as hard down in the zone as he does up in the zone. His problem, of course, is keeping the ball down in the zone! You’re right, though, Arredondo, Shields, and (most versions of) Oliver are much better relievers.

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