Game 2 – Liveblogging

The live stream for Game 2 of the Dominican Winter League final series (best of nine) can be found here.  Enjoy.

[Update – It was working beautifully only moments ago…looks like intermittent technical difficulties…stay tuned.]

If you’re still having trouble with the video feed, the audio feed (en espanol) can be found here.  If they’re speaking too fast for you, you can find the Gameday here.

Daniel Cabrera isn’t much more effective in the DWL than in the MLB.  Cabrera was lit up for 6 runs in 2 2/3 innings.  He’s been relieved by Felix Rodriguez, who came on to get the final out of the third inning.  After three complete, Gigantes 6, Licey 2.

Licey is rallying in their half of the fourth inning.  With two outs, and two strikes, Erick Aybar singled home a run to make the score 6-5, forcing a break in the action for a Gigantes‘ pitching change (Franklin Nunez in for Angel pitching prospect Rafael Rodriguez).

With Gigantes batting, none out, and a runner on first in the bottom half of the fourth inning, the game has been delayed due to an injury to the home plate umpire, or rain.  Strangely,  it’s not entirely clear.  Gigantes 6, Licey 5.

There appears to be a new home plate umpire, and they’re about to resume.

The remainder of the fourth was uneventful.  After four complete, Gigantes 6, Licey 5.

In their half of the fifth, Licey has taken the lead, 7-6, on a two-run home run by Jose Bautista.  Gigantes went quietly in the bottom half of the fifth inning.  The score remains Licey 7, Gigantes 6, after five complete.

With two out, and nobody on, in the top of the sixth, Erick Aybar has another hit, a solid single to right-centerfield.  That was enough to flush former Angel Joel Peralta from the game, resulting in yet another pitching change.

Gigantes went quietly in the bottom half of the sixth.  After six innings, Licey 7, Gigantes 6.

An event-less seventh inning (aside from the routine ten-minute argument about nothing) leaves the score Licey 7, Gigantes 6, after seven full innings.

In the home half of the eighth, Gigantes has tied the game 7-7.  One out, man on second. 

Two strikeouts to end the inning, and the score, after eight complete, is tied at 7.  Going to the top half of the ninth, things have become very interesting.

An uneventful ninth inning leaves the game tied at 7.  We’re headed to extras!  After nine complete, let’s have a look at Angels; Erick Aybar is 2-4 with an RBI and a walk, while Kendry Morales is 0-2 with 2 walks.

A leadoff single by Ronnie Paulino, followed by a balk, puts pinch runner Frank Martinez on second base, with nobody out, in the top of the 10th for Licey.  Martinez then moves to third on a groundout.  One out, man on third, Jose Bautista, who has already homered in the game, coming to the plate.  Relief pitcher Dario Veras enters the game to face Bautista.

Veras has intentionally walked Bautista.  First and third, one out.  A single by Timo Perez plates Martinez.  Licey 8, Gigantes 7.  First and second, one out, Ronnie Belliard to the plate.

Belliard is fouling pitches off left and right, building an incredible 10+ pitch at-bat.  Belliard ended up flying out to deep right field, moving Jose Bautista from second to third.  Runners on first and third, two out.

A bleeder down the left field line plates Bautista to put Licey ahead by two, 9-7, bringing Erick Aybar to the plate.  Runners on first and second, two out.  After getting brushed back, Aybar ends up striking out to end the inning.

Headed to the bottom of the tenth, Licey 9, Gigantes 7.

Gigantes threatens, but fails to score, in the bottom of the tenth.  Kendry Morales singles for his first hit of the series, but Gigantes loses, 9-7, to go down two games to none.  Full report to follow.



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  1. The feed is working fine for me, but it’s so low-res that I can hardly see what is happening. Still, it’s baseball, so I won’t kvetch.

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