More On Risk

Earl Bloom at the OC Register is wondering why there is concern about injury risk related to the World Baseball Classic but none about winter league play.  It’s a fair question

Our feeling is that WBC players leave their Major League teams, at a critical time, to participate, contributing to exacerbated injury concerns, while winter league play traditionally is, as the cliche goes, “out of sight, out of mind” (our coverage of DWL play notwithstanding).



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4 responses to “More On Risk

  1. I honestly fail to see the difference. Having covered (too many) springs, it is only crucial for those coming off injuries or the young players (or retreads) trying to crack the big roster. The number of games is dictated by the need to develop starting pitchers’ arms gradually. Position players and relief pitchers could get ready in two weeks.
    I realize my perspective is slightly different than most. See, I played soccer (before I played football), so I always ‘got’ soccer. That said, I am a baseball guy No. 1 … but because of that background I never understood why, if soccer players could leave their club teams to play for their countries, why baseball players could not.

    • 3daysofcryin

      And we never understood why soccer players fake so many injuries 😉

      Point taken, though….and very valid. Thanks for reading, Earl, and thanks for the link to our site too…we greatly appreciate it.

  2. Would Earl Bloom write for free? That is what the WBC is when compared to the Dominican League. The guys are playing in the DWL for this weird thing called MONEY… you know, the stuff the OC Register is about to run out of, Earl…

    • 3daysofcryin

      The DWL isn’t paying much. Many of these guys are playing for their favorite DWL team. Vladimir normally plays for Licey (but isn’t this year because of his knee surgery), for example; it’s not for money. Some of the hangers-on probably need the money, but there’s also pride and friendship involved.

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