Dominican Winter League Final Series

Well, when we first started covering the Dominican Winter League final series we had no idea that it would become so controversial

Our coverage has resulted in more traffic than we realized was possible (thanks to everyone who linked to our accounts of game 3). 

In yet another strange twist, the DWL apparently rewards teams for breaching rules, etiquette and even common sense. 

The league has, apparently, acquiesced to Gigantes del Cibao (though, no, Felix Martinez won’t play), deciding to replay game 3 on Friday (a scheduled off-day originally).  Licey prevailed in the game, 2-1, making Thursday’s “debacle” somewhat of a moot point.  Still, we can’t help but find the turn of events bizarre. [Update – We stand corrected….the game was, indeed, deemed a forfeit.  Our apologies for the bad translation.]

In the seven inning make-up game, Erick Aybar was 0-2 and Kendry Morales 2-3 (a pair of singles).  With Licey again leading the series 3-0, today becomes the off-day, with the series resuming tomorrow, the Angels’ Ervin Santana taking the hill for Licey.  At this point, we can almost guarantee excitement and drama as the series returns to Quisqueya (home of Licey).

As we depart the country, we wanted to leave you with a way to catch up on this exciting series.  We can’t be sure of reliable internet service when we arrive at our destination, so if  posts aren’t as plentiful as you expect, please bear with us.

For now, follow the below links to apprise yourself of all the DWL final series developments thus far.

Streaming video of game 1, of game 2, of game 3, and of game 3.1  Enjoy.

As soon as we find a high-speed connection, we’ll be back to our normally scheduled updates.



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5 responses to “Dominican Winter League Final Series

  1. Isn’t Felix Martinez the douchebag who sucker punched Frank Bolick when the Angels were playing the Royals in a game in the late ’90s? I remember thing calming down after a fight, then about 12 Angels bolted straight for Martinez and started beating the crap out of him.

    He also kicked Otis Nixon in the face and broke his jaw at one point. That guy should have been out of organized baseball a long time ago.

    • 3daysofcryin

      One in the same.

      Yeah, hard to believe that an entire team is willing to, pardon the pun, go to bat for a guy like that.

  2. Oops, I guess I should have read your previous post. My bad.

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