If The Rangers Had Pitching…

Signing Ben Sheets as their ace is the way for the Rangers to knock off the Angels?  Isn’t that what people thought about Kevin Millwood too?  Wait,  assuming the Rangers sign Sheets, who are their fourth and fifth starters?  Right, “two spring training survivors.”

So, Sheets, Millwood, Vladimir Guerrero’s cabana boy Vicente Padilla, and two pitching prospects to be determined?  The more things change….[Update – The Rangers’ new batting helmet is visual proof that they won’t contend in 2009.]


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2 responses to “If The Rangers Had Pitching…

  1. Two thoughts: Brandon McCarthy will likely be one of those last two starters if he stays healthy; and can you imagine what Vladimir Guerrero could do to that new Rangers helmet?

    • 3daysofcryin

      Chuckling…at the thought of Brandon McCarthy being counted upon for reliable pitching and at the entire Rangers pitching staff donning helmets to face Vlad. Not a bad idea.

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