Licey Campeon!!!

Licey has won the Dominican Winter League Final Series.  Despite our earlier report, Thursday’s game was, indeed, declared a forfeit for Gigantes, making Sunday’s game the fifth game.  As it turns out, it was also the final game, with Licey prevailing 4-3 (in twelve innings).

In good Angel-related news, Erick Aybar was 3-4 with 3 walks, a run scored, and an RBI, while Ervin Santana pitched 5 shutout innings.

In potentially bad Angel-related news, however, Kendry Morales, batting .500 for the series, did not play in the final game.  Perhaps things work differently in the DWL, but can you imagine Vladimir Guerrero not playing in the final game of the World Series?  It just doesn’t make sense.  We’ll keep you posted.



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