Garret The Divider

CNNSI’s Jon Heyman writes something positive about Garret Anderson, leading RJ Anderson at Beyond the Boxscore to write something negative…about both Heyman and G.A. 

Perhaps Heyman needs to look at more statistics and RJ needs to watch more actual play. 

The research upon which RJ relies rates this marginal player significantly higher than Manny Ramirez; needless to say, RJ’s metric (David DeJesus is as valuable as Vladimir Guerrero?), in this case, is at least as dubious as Heyman’s claim. 

If he’s to make a big deal of G.A. being ranked 18th, perhaps a bigger deal might be made of Ramirez being ranked 13th.



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3 responses to “Garret The Divider

  1. Sam Miller

    RJ was only ranking American League outfielders, so Manny’s 2008 second-half in the National League wasn’t included. Had it been, he’d have been well ahead of Dejesus. Dinging RJ for that is sort of like dinging him for not including Carlos Beltran on the list, for what it’s worth.

    • 3daysofcryin

      Thanks, Sam. To be fair, though, RJ’s analysis was actually based on “value leaderboards over the last three years.”

    • 3daysofcryin

      Two-and-half seasons of Manny Ramirez should be more valuable than three full seasons of David DeJesus no matter what metric is used. If it’s not, then maybe a closer look at the metric is in order.

      And David DeJesus = Vladimir Guerrero over the last three seasons? Sometimes the stats can be over-emphasized.

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