Morales’ Morale

We mentioned a few days ago that Kendry Morales did not appear in the final game of the Dominican Winter League final series. 

We’ve now learned that Morales wasn’t injured, he was simply refusing to play.  He was “part of a group of players” who are either guilty of terrible judgement (boycotting the final game due to disagreements about umpiring) or insubordination (boycotting the final game due to Gigantes del Cibao manager Luis Dorante’s pitifully stupid decision to forfeit game 3 in support of team cancer Felix Martinez). 

Regardless, Kendry has shown stunning immaturity. 

People will  say that baseball is different in Latin America in an effort to excuse Kendry’s behavior.  We say that baseball is baseball.  Teammates, regardless of country or culture, need to know that they can count on each other. 

Counting on Morales, however, would now appear about as intelligent as standing behind a pathological punk like Felix Martinez.  Kendry quit; it’s that simple.  This is the guy in whom the Angels are placing so much trust? 

While Kendry Morales aligned with no-name minor leaguers and morons, his Major League caliber teammates (like Nelson Cruz and Alexi Casilla) did the right thing, taking the field with their team.  

We can only hope that he’s more of a team player with the Angels, especially during his first full-time season in 2009.  How might Ervin Santana or Erick Aybar, each playing that night for his opponent, have judged him?  Only time will  tell.



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