Thanks, Everyone

This has been an incredible first month at 3DoC.  We’ve gained some wonderful fans, readers, and compliments; thanks to everyone for your input, both positive and negative. 

We’re going to take the first half of today off….we appreciate your understanding. 

We’re working hard to bring you our unique brand of analysis and insight.  Please bear with us as we take a much deserved vacation day; we’ll be back with you shortly.

Please remember that we value every reader…..let us know what you’re thinking by contributing to our comments and by giving us a good old-fashioned “hat-tip” whenever appropriate. 


The 3DoC crew.



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3 responses to “Thanks, Everyone

  1. Enjoy your time off! You’ve earned it.

  2. Drew

    Wow…. no need to be so apologetic about taking a portion of a day off; the season hasn’t even started yet! Don’t burn out just yet… anxioius to hear your insight throughout the season to come.

    Keep up the great work. This has quickly become one of my favorite Angel blogs.

  3. Ruppert in NYC

    The cojones. I’m not sure what gives you the right to feel like you can just up and abandon your readers like this…

    Seriously, enjoy the time. It is, in fact, well-deserved.

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