Beyond Simple Luck

We’ve mentioned before our annoyance at Angel wins being attributed to luck.  Apparently, though, such theories trickle down to the individual player level as well

Strangely, the Angels, and in this case, Chone Figgins, defy practical norms by making a statistical trend of being lucky….which, really, is statistically groundbreaking in its own right.



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2 responses to “Beyond Simple Luck

  1. While I respect the efforts of statisticians to derive truly meaningful measurements of what happens in the game, it is still a relatively new field of study, and as such the most sophisticated analyses still fail to account for all factors.

    Isn’t it possible that what is here called “luck” is in fact one of these yet undetected factors? In other words, isn’t it possible that the Angels make their own luck by the (for better or worse) distinctive way they play the game? I am not speaking of anything metaphysical, just something in the way they play that so far defies statistical analysis.

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