The Pinto

A couple of weeks ago, we teased David Pinto a bit about his claim that the AL West was “wide open.” 

Now, we weren’t really ribbing David because he thought the AL West had no clear favorite, we were giving him grief more because of the fact that he was one of the “experts” that picked the Seattle Mariners to win the AL West in 2008. 

Well, David’s at it again, in an article in which he links to the 2009 World Series odds at  David’s ready to put his money on the Seattle Mariners at 100/1. 

The A’s come in at 55/1, the Rangers at 60/1.

The Angels?  Well, they come in at 11/1, which might, to the logical, suggest that the AL West isn’t as “wide open” as David seems to think. 

The professional betting men appear to disagree with Mr. Pinto, a man who miraculously managed to predict the wrong outcome for each AL West team in 2008 (what are the odds on that?). 

We’ve been watching the sports books for long enough to have recognized that they’re pretty good at what they do.

We’re grappling with the irony of a noted SABRmetric afficianado going with his gut and preparing to lay money on some of the longest odds available, in the process defying the statistical models upon which Las Vegas was built.  

Such logic is in stark contrast to the practical means by which he analyzes baseball or, likely, manages his fantasy teams.  

Is it strange for us to enjoy watching the Angel model vapor-lock the brains of otherwise intelligent analysts?


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