Brendan The Rules

Well, Brendan Donnelly is headed back to the AL West, having signed a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers

Fortunately for Angel fans, Donnelly’s best years are probably behind him. 

Donnelly was one of our favorites while with the Angels, as his mound performances in 2002 were pivotal to the Angels World Series championship

He was one of the few Angel pitchers of  this decade eager to defend Angel batters, winning over teammates despite his willingness to be a “replacement player” in 1995.

When he was suspended eight games in 2005 after Jose Guillen dropped the dime on him, he answered by successfully bullying Guillen a couple seasons later. 

Sure, he tended to go to his mouth suspiciously, carried spare baseballs to the mound, was named in the Mitchell Report, and slathered his glove with pine tar, but Brendan Donnelly was a true competitor for the Angels and, for a short period, one of the best relievers in team history (his 2002 and 2003 seasons were remarkable). 

And, of course, anyone who is a career long adversary of Jose Guillen is good by us.



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4 responses to “Brendan The Rules

  1. He was always one of my favourite players, I just wonder how long he would have been at the top without that ‘batted ball’ unjury.

  2. Ray Chadwick

    A bit surprising that you left out Donnelly’s suspected steroid use and being mentioned in the Mitchell report. That coupled with the pine tar game leaves me thinking Donnelly was a guy who desperately cheated in a number of different ways to get ahead in a game he probably wasn’t good enough to succeed in on his natural talents. He’s a good fit on the Ranger’s sad pitching staff.

    • 3daysofcryin

      Edited slightly to include the Mitchell Report link. At this point, we’re starting to become suspicious of anyone claiming to have not been a juicer in MLB during the late ’90’s and early ’00’s.

  3. Slasher52

    Jose Guillen is a douche.

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