Getting Active

The rumor about Garret Anderson heading to the Seattle Mariners seems to be gaining some momentum

G.A. could very well end up with the Mariners but we think that this is Scott Boras working two angles, late in the game, as aggressively as possible. 

First, Boras has some leverage against the Mariners given his representation of the Mariner’s first-round choice, Josh Fields, and could be using said leverage to convince the M’s to take Anderson.

Second, no Scott Boras negotiation is complete without “another team.”  If Boras really has been negotiating with the Oakland A’s on Garret’s behalf, he needs at least one other team to drive up the cost. 

The Mariners could simply be that team….or they coud be Garret Anderson’s new home away from home.   Either way, we’ll likely know in a matter of days.

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