Orbiting The Halosphere

As is our Monday habit, we take a look around the Halosphere for current musings.

Over at Halos Heaven, new contributor (at least in an official capacity) “WiHalofan” relies on a combination of projection systems to extrapolate the likely outcome for Angel starters in 2009.  We can only hope that Joe Saunders pitches that well.

Chuck Richter at Angels Win thinks that Angel hitters will hit more home runs in 2009 than people expect.  We love his optimism. 

Rob at 6-4-2 reminds us that Edgardo Alfonso, the failure acquired in exchange for the bigger failure that was Steve Finley, has signed on with the Yomiuri Giants.  How do you say “flop” in Japanese? 

Earl Bloom at the OC Register Angels blog shares with us former Angel Andrew Lorraine‘s immense satisfaction in helping Venezuela win the Caribbean World Series title.  Congratulations to Andrew, and a darned fine job by Earl of covering the Caribbean Series

Earl also brings up some interesting questions regarding park factors in Salt Lake City.  We’ve been similarly curious.       

If we missed your Angel-related blog’s update, please e-mail us.


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One response to “Orbiting The Halosphere

  1. You are too kind, but the unsolicited attaboy is much appreciated.
    I got a nice 6-day baseball fix out of the Caribbean Series, too.

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