Abreu An Angel

The Angels have agreed to terms with Bobby Abreu (h/t Sam Miller). If the terms being reported (1-year, $5M) are at all accurate, this is a great signing by the Angels. 

In dire need of OBP, the Angels have added a reliable left-handed bat in the form of a player who still, especially given his age (35), runs the bases fairly well.

Offensively, Abreu fits the Angels well.  Defensively, well, let’s just hope that he’s a full-time DH (or as close to it as is practical); he’s brutal in the field.

One concern about Abreu is power.  His power numbers have been on the decline in recent seasons, despite his playing in Yankee Stadium, a park which traditionally gives left-handed power hitters a home-run advantage. 

Abreu is likely to get on base at an impressive clip (though his 2008 OBP of .371 was much lower than his career .405), but it’s hard to imagine Angel Stadium’s notorious “marine layer” allowing him to produce as many home runs for the Angels in 2009 as he did for the Yankees in 2008 (20). 

Still, even a slightly declining Abreu, entering his age 35 season, will almost assuredly improve the Angels’ offense.

It’s hard to believe that the market for corner outfielders has fallen this far, but it’s also very likely that Abreu has chosen the Angels over the Mariners, for example, because he believes his chances of going deeper into the postseason are greater with the Halos.

This signing also assures that Garret Anderson‘s days with the Angels are over and will likely hasten the signing of G.A. by a division rival (either Seattle or Oakland). 

We hope that Garret gets a proper tribute when he returns to the Big A; he’s earned it.  He’s a class act and a legendary Angel regardless of what the new generation of Angel fan tends to think.



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5 responses to “Abreu An Angel

  1. Ruppert in NYC

    Nolan, given the current roster, if you’re Mike Scioscia, how do you assemble the lineup on day 1?
    Any thoughts on this: Figgins, Abreu, Hunter, Vlad, Napoli, Rivera, Kendrick, Morales, Aybar?

    Inquiring Ruppert and his brother in Fountain Valley want to know…

  2. Ray Chadwick

    I think Scioscia will want to break up his right handed bats, one of the reasons the Angels were so eager to land a left handed hitter. Abreu makes a good #2 hitter with his high OPS, but Ruppert’s lineup leaves a long string of righties in the middle.

    Figgins, Aybar, Hunter, Abreu, Vlad, Rivera, Napoli, Morales, Kendrick is my opening day 9.

    • 3daysofcryin


      This lineup leads with OBP, something the Angels have been missing. In this lineup, Torii could have a career year. Napoli’s a bit of a base-clogger but he’s likely to post a high OBP (and then get lots of pitches to hit with Vlad behind him).

      Rivera is deeper in the lineup because of his propensity to GDP and because, as Ray points out, the lineup is thick in the middle with RH bats (though it could change quickly if Morales leads to teams pitching around Hunter).

      Aybar is at nine because he fits Scioscia’s preference to “turn over the lineup” with another speed guy. Kendrick could be the sleeper here, conceivably the best eight-hole hitter in baseball.

      The Abreu signing is important because it adds instant depth to the lineup (in the form of a LH bat) but also because it immediately lightens the burden that was being placed on Morales, Kendrick, Rivera, et al. If Aybar stinks up the joint, Brandon Wood in quickly.

      Truly, though, this team needs to make one more move, in the form of a trade, before the season starts. Too many infielders, too many outfielders, and not enough starting pitching.

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