Roster Complications

Drew Cameron at FanGraphs does a nice job analyzing the Angels’ acquistion of Bobby Abreu, pointing out both the benefits to the offense and the roster complications that arise from the signing

Drew points out that the Angels’ roster has become somewhat unbalanced, with too many outfielders competing for at-bats and too many weak defenders playing simultaneously in the outfield no matter the lineup. 

While we agree somewhat with the point regarding outfield defense, we still think that Abreu is more than just a “marginal improvement” given that he provides the exact skill (getting on base) that the Angels were (desperately) missing headed into the 2009 season. 

We tend to agree with Mike DiGiovanna; Gary Matthews Jr. seems to be  the odd man out.  Something needs to give. 

With the Angels’ 40-man roster about to sport too many outfielders, too many infielders, and not enough starting pitching, perhaps the Angels are (or should be) on the verge of one final transaction before the season begins.


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