Juan Small Problem

If Mike Napoli isn’t able to begin the season behind the dish, he certainly makes a nice DH.

Of course, two immediate concerns arise should Napoli’s surgically repaired shoulder prevent him from playing defense. 

First, Jeff Mathis would be the Angels’ catcher….and he can’t hit (or throw any runners out).  Second, Juan Rivera would return to the bench, a scenario that would likely leave Rivera displeased. 

Since Juan Rivera couldn’t possibly  be as bad a catcher as Jeff Mathis is a hitter, maybe Juan should jump behind the plate. 

Alternatively, Napoli could catch and simply not attempt to throw any runners out…the result would be about the same as Mathis letting fly. 

We kid on both fronts, of course, but we’re not excited at the prospect of Mathis playing every day, even if only for the first month or so of the season.


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One response to “Juan Small Problem

  1. Matt

    I too think it’s a problem. I think that if Naps can’t catch, maybe they should just DL him to start the season and make sure he’s okay (as the article suggests).

    I’d rather have him 100% from May-October than 80%(arbitrary percentage) for April-July. I think this is the route the team will go with considering its astounding depth. (It’ll also give Bobby Wilson a chance if he does well in spring.)

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