Top Of The Rotation

Rich Lederer at Baseball Analysts has added the variable of walks to his categorization of pitchers by strikeout and groundball rates.   

When walks are added to the equation, both John Lackey and Ervin Santana move up the ranking list. 

As Lederer points out, the results show that Lackey is similar to Roy Oswalt and Santana to Josh Beckett.  Not bad company.



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3 responses to “Top Of The Rotation

  1. That’s good company, and that’s where I would put them — which is why I advocated, and was so excited by, Santana’s new multiyear deal.
    The next move needs to be giving Lackey a new contract offer that is high market value, so he isn’t tempted to play the free-agent card. Something along the lines of A.J. Burnett, probably more.

    • 3daysofcryin

      And the Halos aren’t paying Santana, who’s younger, as much as the Sox are paying Beckett. Agreed in regard to Lackey; he’s earned it.

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