Looking Back

Garret Anderson spent 14 seasons in an Angel uniform, amassing an impressive list of accomplishments that made him the Angels’ all-time leader in many offensive categories.

At the OC Register today, Bill Plunkett has posted a photographic retrospective of G.A.’s career.  Yesterday, Plunkett wrote an article chronicling the missing element in the Angel’s clubhouse this spring.

We can only hope that G.A. gets the proper tribute at the Big A in due time.



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2 responses to “Looking Back

  1. Ray Chadwick

    Interesting note regarding Bill Plunkett’s photographic chronicle of GA’s career as an Angel, exactly zero of the seventeen photos are of GA playing defense…

    • Nolan Tanana

      Interestingly, though, Garret’s offense was sometimes overrated while his defense was generally underrated.

      On defense, nobody turned doubles down the line into singles quite like G.A. He never spilled himself all over the field, but his left field defense was more efficicent than he was ever given credit for.

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