Angel & The Angels

As the Alex Rodriguez steroid controversy becomes more complicated, we are reminded that the “trainer” in question, Angel Presinal, has had close ties to Angel players since he was banned, in 2001, from Major League clubhouses.

In 2002 or 2003, for whatever reason, Presinal was lurking around the Angels.  In 2005 he shadowed, and “trained,”  Bartolo Colon for the entire season, even living in an apartment paid for by big Bart.

Perhaps worse, Presinal has a history of “training” Vladimir Guerrero (in 2004 no less), Kelvim Escobar, and even Ervin Santana.  [Update – According to Tim Mead, vice president of communications for the Angels, Presinal has not worked with Vlad since prior to 2004.  Then Angel Jose Guillen, however, did work with Presinal during the 2004 season.]

The publicity of the association between A-Rod and Presinal will be growing exponentially in the coming days as investigative journalists and curiosity seekers examine why, for instance, Presinal allegedly traveled with A-Rod (and his non-blood-related “cousin“) throughout the 2007 season. 

Every player with a history of training under Presinal over the course of the last eight years will be fielding questions for the remainder of spring training (and perhaps throughout the entire season), making it particularly unfortunate that the Angels are one of the teams so often mentioned in references to Presinal’s work with Major Leaguers. 

No wonder Mike Scioscia is eager to “turn the page.”  Clearly,  this is the last thing the Angels need.



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