We have fielded some complaints about a recent post in which we pointed out the unfortunate relationship between controversial Dominican trainer Angel Presinal and some present and former Angels.

First, we’re mere messengers; we’re creating no news whatsoever here, simply reporting past and current information readily available in the public domain (sprinkled, occasionally, with a little deductive reasoning). 

Second, associations with Presinal are in and of themselves controversial.  Whether or not we write about them here does not change the fact that they exist or that they will be reported on with increasing frequency in the coming days by a mainstream national media far less sympathetic than we. 

All of that said written, we would like to offer a brief and simple clarification. 

In one of the articles to which me made reference, Angel Presinal implied that he worked with Vladimir Guerrero during Vlad’s MVP 2004 season

However, Tim Mead, vice president of communications for the Angels, has now stated that any relationship Presinal may have had with Guerrero occurred prior to Vlad’s arrival in Anaheim.

Again, we’re just sharing the facts.  Please, folks, don’t taunt the animals shoot the messengers.


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