Morales Insurance

Kendry Morales is about to get an extended opportunity to prove himself as a Major League first baseman.  The job, as they say, is his to lose.

Should he struggle, however, the Angels, contrary to popular belief, do have a suitable replacement in Howie Kendrick.  

Fans tend to forget that Kendrick spent significant time as a fill-in first baseman in 2006, playing 44 games at first during his rookie year. 

He played a capable (some would say sensational) defensive first base during that time, too, despite having never before played there.

While not ideal, Howie is a reasonable alternative should Morales prove unable to step up (with Maicer Izturis taking over at second).


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One response to “Morales Insurance

  1. ineedanap

    Wood and Rodriguez are two other good options to look at. Worst case scenario, we could pick up a Nick Johnson as he will probably be unemployed or even Dallas McPherson from the Marlins if he isn’t starting.
    As much as I like Quinlan, I shudder to think of him as starting at 1B.

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