The guys over at Angels Win are, apparently, in the mood for tributes.  Today, they have posted two that are highly worthy. 

First, Adam Dodge has written a wonderful tribute to Garret Anderson, something that we can’t help but notice is missing from the official Angels’ site.

And then Chuck Richter offers us a great look at Angels’ VP of communications Tim Mead.  Tim is perhaps the most valuable executive in team history.  Chuck’s post, and the quotes contained within, say everything about Tim.  Great post, Chuck.



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2 responses to “Tributes

  1. Rob

    Thanks again GA….and thanks 3 days of Cryin for this article….. GA will be missed this season!

  2. Thanks, 3 days!

    I’m glad you and others enjoyed these two tributes.

    Got an email from an old friend of Tim Mead and ex GM of the Dodgers – Fred Claire, who alerted him of the Mead feature today.

    Pretty awesome knowing guys like Fred Claire read our Blog articles and think we’re doing a fine job. I was humbled.

    Thanks again for the plug, 3 Days!

    – Chuck

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