It would seem that a Yale guy could have taken better notes.

Matt McCarthy claims to have been “extremely detailed with regards to dialogue.”  Apparently, however, he forgot to date his transcripts.       

Brendan Behan said, “there’s no bad publicity except an obituary.”  We wonder what McCarthy might have to say about that. 

Matt, the comment section is now open, humor honor us and weigh in.



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2 responses to “McCarthyism

  1. Harry

    Did you know that Allen Schwarz, the reporter from the Times who reviewed McCarthy’s book is an author himself? His speciality is baseball statistics, no wonder he is so upset with Odd Man Out. Guys like McCarthy undermine the purity of the game for the statisticians by exposing the reality of baseball. McCarthy was honest in his appraisal of his experiences, Schwarz was not..he hid the fact that he was one of those guys who love the game because of its numbers and not the beer, hot dogs and emotion…

  2. Steve

    My take on the book is that Matt is condescending, arrogant and basically just a jerk. He has nothing good to say about virtually everyone he encountered in his baseball stint (and when he isn’t critical, it comes over as a back-handed compliment at best).

    I’m sure there are off-color moments and juvenile behavior in the minors (most of these kids are barely out of high school anyway), but why Matt felt the need to publicly embarass his teammates is beyond me. If I were you, Matt, I wouldn’t go anywhere near any of them ever again, because they will probably want to rearrange your face.

    Bottom line is that Matt comes off like a rich kid who spent some time in the slums, and felt compelled to tell the world how stupid and uncouth the poor people are.

    He should stick to Lacrosse and wine-tasting. Baseball is obviously not his thing.

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