Los Angeles Red Sox of Anaheim

The Angels and Red Sox are currently American League rivals (if you can call one team being consistently thumped by the other a “rivalry”).  Such was not always the case.  

Believe it or not, there was actually a time when Angel fans didn’t hate the Red Sox, their obnoxious fans, or a New England accent.

Prior to 1986, the Angels and Red Sox were just two American League teams that really enjoyed trading with each other and signing each other’s free agents.

Here is a list of all of the players who have played for both teams.

We thought it might be fun to put together an all-time team from that list.  So here goes:

  • Jim Leyritz – C
  • Mo Vaughn – 1B
  • Jerry Remy – 2B
  • Rick Burleson – SS
  • Carney Lansford – 3B
  • Rick Miller – LF
  • Fred Lynn – CF
  • Tony Armas – RF
  • Don Baylor – DH
  • Ken Brett – LHP
  • Don Aase – RHP
  • Bob Duliba – MR
  • Andy Hassler – LOOGY
  • Mark Clear – SU
  • Lee Smith – CL

Okay, that wasn’t as fun as we thought it might be.  We ended up angry for an hour at the mere sight of  the second name on the list. 

We tried to error on the side of Angel production.  Ideally, players would have produced significantly for both squads, but that doesn’t seem entirely possible.  Any suggestions?



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4 responses to “Los Angeles Red Sox of Anaheim

  1. ineedanap

    Didn’t Eckstein come up through BOS’ minor league system?

    Not sure if that counts.

  2. ineedanap

    Anywho, I’m sure a Rangers list, albeit probably shorter, would be sure to anger a few people also.

  3. Bill A'Hearn

    How about Jerry Moses (C) or Joe Lahoud (OF)?

    And who can forget Tony Conigliaro and his extra inning meltdown back in 1971. The beaning in 1967 that shortened his career came on an inside fastball from Angels pitcher Jack Hamilton.

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