Has Brandon Wood now given up all hope?



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3 responses to “Hopeless

  1. I reiterate, why are they handing the 1B job to Kendry Morales instead of putting it up for competition between Morales, Wood, and Rodriguez. Playing 1B this year does not mean Wood or Rodriguez could not be moved back to the left side in future season. It’s not as if Kendry has a track record in the majors as a .300 hitter or 30 HR guy. And it’s not like the Angels have a problem moving guys from difficult defensive positions to 1B when the situation called for it (Spiezio, Erstad, Kendrick….)

  2. ineedanap

    I don’t know for sure but w/r/t Morales being handed the job I think his contract may have something to do with it. His contract expires after the 2010 season and it contains this clause:

    “with 3 years of Major League service, may void remaining years of deal and go to arbitration” (Cot’s)

    So, I think they are trying to see if Morales will stick as an major league player before his time with the Angels is up. Wood et. al. don’t have the same clock, or the same money invested, that Morales has.

    Also, if any of Wood, Rodriguez, etc were to be used as trade bait their value would be lower as a 1B rather than a 3B or MIF. Not to mention that they wouldn’t have to learn a new position while learning how to hit MLB pitching.

    But I agree, if Morales bombs I could (and would like to) see the Angels go with Wood or Rodriguez instead of Quinlan.

  3. ineedanap

    Anywho, its not like Wood won’t be giving any ABs this year and its better to make him earn his role than hand it to him. Especially, if it means trading away Figgins.

    There will be time to trade Figgins later, if necessary. But for now he is one of only four players who we know what numbers he will put up. We know what kind of production we will get from Figgins, Abreu, Guerrero, and Hunter. Morales, Rivera, Napoli, Kendrick, Aybar, and Wood all have question marks one way or another.

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