Friday The 13th

How many Angels have worn uniform #13?  We thought you’d never ask. 

Ironically, no Angel wore #13 for the franchise’s first 13 years.  In the 14th year, however, Bobby Valentine adopted the number.

Stranger still,  Maicer Izturis is the 13th Angel to don the (un)lucky number.

Here is the complete list of Angel players to have bucked convention and rocked the one-three:

  1. Bobby Valentine
  2. John Harris
  3. Joe Ferguson
  4. Ruppert Jones
  5. Jack Fimple
  6. Lance Parrish
  7. Larry Gonzales
  8. Jose Lind
  9. Jim Leyritz
  10. Justin Baughman
  11. Edgardo Alfonzo
  12. Nathan Haynes
  13. Maicer Izturis 


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3 responses to “Friday The 13th

  1. Ruppert in NYC

    Jack Fimple. Now there’s an Angel I’ve never heard of. Nolan? Any good memories of Fimple?

  2. Nolan Tanana


    The only reason that Fimple is even remotely memorable is because of his ridiculous name.

    He appeared for the Angels in 1987 in, you guessed it, 13 games. He collected a couple of singles in 11 at-bats and then was gone from the game permanently.

  3. ineedanap

    Ok. Here’s one for you.

    Weren’t Izturis and Haynes on the major league team at the same time?

    Did Izzy take Nathan’s # when he left the club, or how did that work?

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