Guess Who’s Back

Kelvim Escobar will be pitching Monday.  And Vlad is back today.

With regard to Escobar, we can’t hold back any longer.  Are we the only ones that think that his expedited return seems risky?

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One response to “Guess Who’s Back

  1. I’m not sure Escobar’s return is necessarily expedited. It doesn’t appear that anything is forced there, with his throwing sessions following standard regimen, I just think his continued progress and lack of set backs is keeping him on course. That to me is the scariest part, how in the world is he recovering so ridiculously quick? Maybe that can partially be explained in the fact that the tear was at the back of his shoulder, which apparantly is not as severe? I don’t know, that’s just something i’ve seen him mention, but whatever the case, it’s pretty exciting. But in the same vein, I can see where some might think it’s a hasty recovery and in turn quite risky. I just don’t see how someone like Escobar, who seems to have a tremendous work ethic, would do anything physically outside of himself to risk his triumphant return to the hill. I just think he’s progressing at an alarming rate, and a hic-up here or there should be expected, as long as it’s nothing too offsetting. Until then, I say Godspeed! Kelvim.

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