40 Years Ago

Thirty Forty years ago today, legendary sports writer Jim Murray took a closer look at new Angels’ GM Dick Walsh. 

Unfortunately for the Angels, and Walsh, his first year on the job proved a failure and his subsequent years weren’t much better (though the 1970 team was memorable). 

After his stint as Angels’ GM, he never again worked in baseball.  In Angels’ lore, he’ll forever be remembered as both the man who acquired Alex Johnson and fired Bill Rigney. 

Walsh lasted through just three seasons in Anaheim.  He was fired after the 1971 season and replaced by Harry Dalton.



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3 responses to “40 Years Ago

  1. It seems like only 30 years ago, but 1969 was 40 years ago.

    I suddenly feel very old.

    • Nolan Tanana

      By gosh, you couldn’t be more correct. We’re searching high and low for those ten years; where’d they go?

  2. I figure they got stuck in the wayback machine.

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