Notion In Bloom

Earl Bloom over at the OC Register Angels’ blog reminds us that the Angels’ medical staff has a long history of “precautionary” practices.



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2 responses to “Notion In Bloom

  1. ineedanap

    With our new and improved offense and our strong (especially if Speier returns to form) bullpen, I’m actually not too concerned with the “Big 3” (or rather 75% of the “Big 4”) being out.

    Personally, I’m excited to see if Moseley can be effective for more than a few innings (he pitched well when I saw him in ST), if Loux can turn into a Garland type pitcher (great underdog story), and if Adenhart can stick in the majors a bit earlier than planned.

    I enjoyed all the wins last season, but I like the fact that there will be a bit more competition this time around.

    Keep up the good work, N/T!

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