National Review

National Review asks fans of the thirty ML teams why they love their favorite team.  Representing the Halos is Matt Welch:

“Loving the Angels wasn’t technically a matter of choice — my father was an original season-ticket holder when the “California” Angels first moved to Anaheim, and I spent my blissful 1970s childhood marinating in Winston Llenas–flavored failure rather than joining the Steve Garvey bandwagon up the 110. But the original “Yes We Can” juggernaut put its hooks in me, Bobby Grich’s pivot-work was almost as inspiring as his mustache, and even the Bosch-style nightmare of waiting in line for never-to-be-cashed-in 1982 World Series tickets only cemented the bond. Now, aside from habit, I love the team because it plays exciting, fundamentally sound baseball and reliably beats Moneyball darling Billy Beane like a gong.”

If Matt weren’t so darned busy, we’d beg and plead that he come join us at 3DoC; he always has a great perspective on the Angels (okay, we’ll try anyway….Matt?).


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