’02 Mariners?

In what seems like a bit of wishful thinking, John McGrath of the Tacoma News-Tribune suggests that the Angels have peaked, and are now reminiscent of the ’02 Mariners.



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2 responses to “’02 Mariners?

  1. It’s not clear to me that this is entirely wishful thinking. The outfield needs walkers to a man, there are no obvious quality replacements, and the pitching depth that was such a problem for the Halos in 2006-7 (in the “where are we going to find room for Jered Weaver/Joe Saunders in the rotation” kind of way) is long past. The bad drafts post-2004 are coming back to bite the team. The Angels have a smarter FO than Seattle, but only just; they still seem to believe in their clutchy juju, and while the Bobby Abreu acquisition was a nod in the direction of empirical evidence, there’s still a lot of cleaning to do.

  2. Nolan Tanana


    The Angels’ do indeed have weaknesses, but the rest of the division seems awful. The Angels and A’s both played very well in ’02; it would be shocking if the West were to have two teams (not named ‘Angels’) with more than 90 wins this year.

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