Bisheff’s Best

Steve Bisheff’s “Angels Unplugged” blog, at the LA Times, is getting better by the day.  

This post is his best yet, if for no other reason than one can easily sense his genuine interest in, and passion for, his subject matter.  It’s great to see old-school newspapermen like Bisheff start to “get it,” meshing access with insight in a way that improves Angel coverage.  Never mind that we don’t ever again wish to see the Angels carry a third catcher; we love the notion of Steve blogging about, instead of generically reporting on, the Angels.  

We’ve witnessed a similar phenomenon of late from Earl Bloom at the OC Register,  who is embracing a relatively new medium while combining experience, knowledge, and interest, in the process embracing, rather than mocking, the new order of baseball journalism.  In Bloom’s own words, he has  “parked my dinosaur.”     

There’s hope for newspapers yet.

Eventually, Bisheff will start hyperlinking and we’ll know that he’s really entered the modern age.


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