Major League Debut

If ever there were a surer way to sweep the Angels than to win the first three games of a three game series, it would be to win the first two games of a three game series before sending out a 29 year-old rookie pitcher, named Chris Jakubauskas, to make his Major League debut.

It’s always struck us that guys with names like Chris Jakubauskas debut against the Angels looking like the second-coming of Tom Seaver, only to afterward become the second-coming of Chris Jakubauskas (we can’t help it…it’s just such a name).  

Jakubauskas.  The name could stand on its own, Jak Ubauskas, which would almost certainly lead to one signficant endorsement deal and, unbelievably, be slightly less awkward than “Chris Jakubauskas.”  

We’ve never before feared such an obscure pitcher.


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  1. What’s that, Greek for “strike-throwing, one-win wonder”?

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