He’s Got Hope

Well, it would seem that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Gary Matthews Jr




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2 responses to “He’s Got Hope

  1. ineedanap

    Well, he is a defensive improvement over Rivera or Abreu in the COF spots.

    Still, why not call up Wood, stick him at 3B, and move Figgy to LF. Rotate Rivera and Abreu between RF and DH. Might as well give someone with so potential some ABs while Vladdy is out. Plus, thats an awesome left side defensively, which could help out our “pitchers”.

  2. dubbydub

    i agree with ineedanap, figgy’s got an underrated outfield arm, and it’s about time to give woody his shot at 3rd. if not, it just looks like wood will never get a good shot of getting consistent at-bats, and won’t be able to get in any type of groove. the last thing i want is more gmj.

    love the blog by the way, i’m doing a halo blog of my own, check it out if you ever have time but i’m loving what you have going here. great work!

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