Non-Retired Number

Francisco Rodriguez‘s jersey number isn’t, and shouldn’t be, retired.  Still, it might be a bit early to hand it out to a guy making his Major League debut.  

Baseball is a game of reading between the lines.  We think the Angels just wrote something there.

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8 responses to “Non-Retired Number

  1. BhARV

    We’ll at least Davidson pitched well and didn’t tarnished the legacy of the number in his first appearance.

  2. marshen

    Davidson pitched well enough to deserve any number that was available. Dude, there is only so many numbers.

    • Nolan Tanana

      Totally agree. Clubs are usually far more protective of such things, though. There is an unwritten rule of etiquette that was, perhaps, breached. Have to wonder if the Angels meant anything by it. Nobody wears 15, that’s for sure.

  3. is this really a discussion ? the number 15 is not the same as 57

    • Nolan Tanana

      No, it’s certainly not. In fact, hopefully 15 will be retired some day.

      Perhaps a more apt comparison would be 17. If Erstad gets the respect, then why not Frankie?

      It just seemed odd as it’s fairly atypical.

  4. It’s fairly obvious that the org. decided Frankie was overreaching.

    • Nolan Tanana

      The organization is definitely making a point of some kind. They even handed it out as a spring training number this year (Figueroa maybe?).

  5. The Erstad comparison is spot on. There is a clubhouse culture and people nod and wink and say “maybe you should try a different number, kid…”

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