With Apologies For The Delay

Indeed, your internet browser was not deceiving you; with great disappointment, we are taking a prolonged respite.  

Real life beckons and another blogger bows out….for now.

Go Angels!



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7 responses to “With Apologies For The Delay

  1. Bill A'Hearn

    Take care of yourself. We all hope everything works out and you’ll be back soon.

    Bill in S.G.

  2. Sorry, fellas. I was looking forward to your continued presence in what has been a dreadfully disappointing season (to say the very least, and with no disrespect to Nick Adenhart or any of the others in his car).

  3. I’ll miss you, NT. Hurry back.

  4. Rob

    Why? I really liked these articles? What could possibly take precidents over Angels baseball? Wish you the best of luck and enjoyed reading daily , cant wait for you to get back to blogging when your ready!!

  5. Aww! I hope everything is going ok!
    Like Rob said- I really like these posts & cant wait for you to get back! 😀

  6. Ray Chadwick

    Hope you return to blogging. Enjoyed checking in with 3DoC after every game. Good luck!

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