Loyal Readers

The loyalty of our readers continues to astound us.  Three months after deciding to take this prolonged respite, we still receive comments and e-mail imploring us to resume our blogging activities.

Fear not, loyal readers, we are planning a return.  Details at this point remain unclear, but we will be back….perhaps even soon.

Thank you for continuing to check in and, most of all, for remembering us.

We look forward to bringing you what you’re looking for.

In the meantime, of course….

Go Angels!



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6 responses to “Loyal Readers

  1. Ruppert in NYC

    Crank it up, Nolan!

  2. We want Daryl Sconiers and the bat collection!

  3. Bill A'Hearn

    Good news… We’ll be awaiting!

    Bill in S.G.

  4. Great news! I have kept you on my blog aggregator, and I was pleasantly surprised finally to see a new entry.

    These are big days for us Angels fans. Get back online soon and join the fun!

  5. Yay! I cant wait for your new entries 😀

  6. ineedanap

    Come back!

    Do it!

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